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Jeff Bartlett is the Director of Finance for Capital Markets and vonBriesenOneSource. In this role, he provides financial advisory services to clients in partnership with our Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business and Corporate, Banking and Commercial Finance, Real Estate, Bankruptcy and Business Restructuring Teams. vonBriesenOneSource provides single-source transaction services, leveraging finance, negotiation and legal skills to serve clients in mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, tax planning and ESOPs.

Jeff has extensive experience as both a principal and advisor in structuring and negotiating all aspects of buy-side and sell-side M&A deals including financial analytics and modeling, sourcing debt and equity capital, and bringing together buyers and sellers to complete their transactions. He teams with experienced lawyers in all legal disciplines, as well as with other professionals with extensive negotiation, investment banking and private equity experience.

Jeff’s representative matters involve analyzing, negotiating, and structuring transactions such as:

Complex financing transactions with senior lenders, mezzanine debt lenders and private equity participants.
Large sale leaseback transactions with private lenders and publically traded REITs.
A turnkey buy-side acquisition transaction for a closely-held food processing company in which the advisory team obtained all debt and equity financing and performed all required financial advisory services, as well as all legal services.
Representative Experience:

Identified, structured, raised debt and equity financing, acquired, grew and successfully sold a multimarket segment food products company. Served as CFO and board member. The company was sold in two parts to strategic buyers.
Invested in and provided growth advice to a furniture manufacturer. Negotiated its sale in a management buy-out transaction.
Identified, structured, and raised debt and equity financing for a $50 million startup tissue manufacturer. The company was sold to a global strategic acquirer.
Identified, advised, and negotiated the acquisition of a product line for a chemical company that improved profitability by 50%
Numerous financial advisory assignments for clients in sell-side, buy-side, recapitalization, and workout situations.
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